Shows, workshops, theme-based tours, gourmet break … Enjoy the Manoir de La Cour’s summer program !

Exhibition: “Crimes and justices in Middle Age” 

On Wednesay, 1st of July to Sunday 20th September 

The Manoir de la Cour hosts a temporary exhibition about justice during the Middle Age, created by the Tour Jean sans Peur of Paris.

In this exhibition, visitors learns about the way that justice was dispense and the difference between the justice nowadays and in the medieval time.

Rates: 5€/ 3€ reduced rate/ free for children under 7. 

“Rendez-Vous du Moyen Âge”, “The medieval meetings”

Saturday, 25th of July and Sunday 26 of July, from 11 to 7pm :  Crimes and justices in Middle Age 

During all the weekend, the visitors will discover the justice in medieval time. With all comedians of the “Virges Armes” compagny, visitors investigate to find the culprit during a great investigation in the Manoir de la Cour.

Visitors will see some reconstitution of judicial medieval instruments, made by AnimHisto.

Rates: 6€ / 4€reduced rate/ Free for children under 7.

Fire show: “Avalone” by le Cercle de Feu

Saturday 1st of August at 9.30pm 

In the courtyard of the Manoir, le  Cercle de Feu company will offer a fire show combining dance, music, magic and martial arts, which will transport spectators into a dreamlike world.

Rates: 8 € / 6€ /Free for children under 7.

Wednesday, it’s children’s day!


Children from 6 to 12 years-old are welcome to several workshops which will take place every wednesday of July and August from 10:30am to 12am at Le Manoir de la Cour. (Advanced booking is recommanded). Cost : 6€.

Create your herbal tea with medicinal plants : on Wednesday 15th of July and on Wednesday 5th of August

Discover the secret of medicinal plants and create your own herbal tea.

Create your vegetable paint : Wednesday July 22th and on Wednesday 12th of August

With some vegetables and plants, children create paint.

Made your medieval game  Wednesday 29th of July and Wednesday 19th of August

During this workshop, children create their own medieval game: le jeu de merelle.

Guided tour for children

This summer come and visit Le Manoir de la Cour differently. Give to your children the opportunity to discover the architecture and art history during a guided tour.

For children from 6 to 12 years-old, every Wednesday at 3:30pm.