Thematic guided visits

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Discover Middle Ages differently!

Forget all your received ideas, thanks to our theme-based tours at Le Manoir de La Cour every Friday and Sunday this summer at 3:30pm.

“La cuisine, l’alimentation et les banquets médiévaux” / “Cooking, food and medieval banquets” : Fridays 6th and 20th of July,  Fridays 10th and 17th of August.

Do you want to know which food medieval lords ate day by day ? So come to Le Manoir de La Cour to visit and discover the good social practices around the table.


“La vie des femmes du Moyen Âge” / “Women’s lives during the Middle Ages” : Sunday 8th of July, Friday 3rd of August, Sunday 19th of August and Friday 31st of August.

During Middle Ages, women’s life was maybe not how you imagined it… To find out for sure, come to visit Le Manoir de La Cour. The tour will touched upon living conditions, social status, jobs … and many other themes to discover!


“La vie et les techniques du quotidien” / “Everyday life and technicals of the medieval times” : Friday 13rd of July, Sunday 22nd of July, Sunday 5th of August and Sunday 26th of August.

Immerse yourself into the everyday life of people from the Middle Ages. Discover their habits. Did they take baths and how? How did they sleep? How did they dress? How did they  start a fire for their fire place or candle? … So many questions that will be answered during the visit !


“Les couleurs du Moyen Age: symboliques et utilisations” / “Medieval colors : symbols and uses” : Sunday 15th of July, Friday 27th of July, Sunday 12th of August, Friday 24th of August.

Le Manoir de la Cour  houses some frescos from XIIIth century! That is why we invite you to an exciting visit about colors. We will explain its production, technical uses and meanings during Middle Ages.


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